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“The trainer was brilliant. He was very engaging, kept things interactive, was vibrant, and kept things light-hearted for such a serious subject.”
Learning and Development Manager, Specsavers


Our Most Popular Cultural Awareness Training Courses

Doing Business in China training
Understanding of Chinese business culture, together with practical communication, management and work skills to get things done with Chinese business partners.
Middle East Cultural Awareness Training
Understanding of Middle East and Gulf States business culture, together with practical communication, management and work skills to get things done with local business partners.
Understanding of UK business culture, together with practical communication, management and work skills to get things done with UK business partners.
Europe Cultural Awareness Training
Understanding of the impact of culture and cultural differences on international business, together with practical cross-cultural communication, work and negotiation skills.
Energy business cultural awareness training
Best practice for managing international teams, as well as skills for leading and managing effectively in the virtual team environment. 
Cultural Awareness Training India
Understanding of Indian business culture, together with practical communication, management and work skills to get things done with Indian business partners.


Need Free Training And Learning Resources?

Our free Doing Business with China workbook explores key elements of Chinese business-culture, business traditions and business etiquette.

The workbook is packed with hints, tips and practical strategies to build more productive commercial relationships with customers, colleagues and other business contacts in China.

Download your free China workbook here.

Download this free e-Book by Culturewise’s training team. The eBook explores what cultural awareness is, and its importance for individuals, teams and organisations working globally.

The eBook provides a useful and insightful introduction for anyone who needs to know more about how to work globally, and introduces many of the themes and ideas covered in cultural awareness training.

Download your free 63-page Understanding Cultural Awareness Ebook

This free white-paper looks at UK culture and business culture and explores how to work effectively in the UK business environment.

Designed for people new to the UK, the white-paper explores many of the the issues covered in Working With The UK culture awareness training courses provided by Culturewise.

Download Background Briefing on UK Culture and Business Culture

The largest country in South America in economic output, population and area, Brazilian culture draws on a unique fusion of European, African and indigenous influences.

This free business-culture briefing offers an overview of the cultural background to business in Brazil.

Download Free Business-Culture Briefing on Brazil here

Culturewise’s business-culture briefing on India is packed with useful and practical information on Indian culture and business-culture.

The briefing offers includes content on Indian culture and business-culture. It also explores some of the cultural barriers faced in getting things done with Indian colleagues and partners.

Download Free Business-Culture Briefing on India

Our Intercultural Training Exercise Pack offers easy-to-use intercultural and cultural awareness learning activities that can add cross-cultural skills to any business’s in-house training.

Feel free to download and use any of these cultural awareness training activities, completely free of charge.

Download cultural awareness training exercise pack


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