All our trainers and facilitators have real business experience.

  • Experience

  • Credibility

  • Capability

  • Expertise

“Since 2001 our coaches, trainers and facilitators have enabled thousands of leaders, managers, team-members, and others to work more effectively across the boundaries between countries and cultures.”

Jason Kerr, Lead Trainer, Culturewise Ltd


All our trainers have real leadership and management experience across a range of global businesses. They know, first-hand, what it takes to get things done in global business.


Because all our trainers have real-life international business experience they can talk credibly and realistically about the practical business challenges with clients at every organisational level, including C-level and top-team.


Have highly-developed training design and delivery skills, developed during many years delivering bespoke cultural awareness training and coaching.


Expert in interactive delivery methods, including presentations, facilitated discussions, collaborative exercises, case studies, simulations and action-planning activities.