Cultural Awareness Webinars and Workshops on Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

  • Learn How Business Is Conducted And People Are Managed

  • Understand Business Etiquette And Business Practices

  • Use Our Unique Cultural Mind-Map Tool To Communicate, Manage And Negotiate Better

  • Avoid Cultural Misunderstandings And Mistakes

  • From 2 Hours To Two Days In Duration

Cultural intelligence training that covers every major global business location.

Culturewise’s country-specific cultural awareness webinars and workshops provide useful, relevant, and up-to-date knowledge, hints, tips, strategies and techniques for working more effectively in key global business locations.

Whether you are interested in Asia, Europe, the Americas, or the Middle East, Culturewise can develop your understanding of the country or region in question, together with best practice for building sustainable business relationships.

What Will You Learn?

Culturewise’s culture-specific workshops and webinars will teach you a flexible and adaptable Mind-Mapping technique to guide you in interpreting and analysing cross-cultural business encounters.

You will learn the right kind of behavioural style-switching to help bridge cultural differences and get better business results.

The content our workshops and webinars cover includes…

What Does Cultural Mind-Mapping Look Like In Practice?

Culturewise’s FABS – Facts, Attitudes, Behaviours, Style-Switching¬†– technique trains you to create flexible and adaptable mind-maps to represent and understand cultural influences on business.

A well constructed cultural mind-map will teach you:

  • What you need to learn about other cultures
  • Where misunderstanding can emerge in cross-cultural encounters
  • How you can get things done better when working across cultural boundaries

Watch this sample mind-mapping video on Japan to get a better idea of the technique.