Culturewise’s unique business specialisation is designing and delivering cultural awareness training solutions. What makes us different is the cultural expertise we create for the world’s leading borderless businesses.

Training designed around your needs

Understanding and recognising that cultural differences exist, and being mindful of their potential impact in international business and among multi-cultural teams, is a key first step in building cultural competence.

A lack of cultural self-awareness lies at the heart of many of the problems encountered during cross-cultural misunderstandings.  All our cultural awareness training solutions are focused on creating cross-cultural understanding and recognition, while responding directly to your business’s specific markets, structure, needs and objectives.

Up-to-date content with clear outcomes

Cultures can only ever be understood in comparison, one with another. Mapping out cultural differences in business in up-to-date and positive ways enables leaders, managers, and global team-members to create a shared vocabulary for describing different ways of working and communicating.

This shared vocabulary helps create understanding of the context in which partners, colleagues, clients or global team members behave and make choices, and helps individuals make their own informed choices about how to overcome cultural barriers and misunderstandings.

Clear, practical and useful take aways

All our training is bespoke. We create practical content, built around business needs and objectives that enables leaders, managers and team-members to incorporate understanding of cultural differences into their own behaviour and thinking.

Taking practical steps to adapt communication, work, leadership and management styles can help get better results when working with clients, colleagues and partners from different backgrounds. This does not mean changing who you are – it simply means practical style-switching on the basis of an informed understanding of the people you are working with. The outcome will be better results.

Interactive delivery style

Our training methodology and approach includes presentations, facilitated discussions, interactive exercises, case studies, self-assessment activities, action-planning activities, and much more.

What’s more, culturewise provides an unrivalled range of delivery options, including face-to-face group training, one-to-one coaching, and online training delivery.

Relevant to real life business issues

Culturewise’s intercultural trainers and facilitators are recruited and selected from global business backgrounds on the basis of their ability to understand and talk about real-life intercultural business issues.

They know from practical real experience how to build skills for getting the best out of cultural differences in business, and for recognizing and overcoming cultural misunderstandings.

Proven flexibility and capability

Culturewise’s established presence and two decade track record of success allows us to leverage an exceptionally well-developed global network of trainers and associates across all the major international business locations. We offer proven adaptability. And the capacity to meet short-notice training demands.

What’s more, an experienced account manager supports every one of our clients, providing a single point of access for all our services. Course bookings, design and evaluation are all handled by a single point of contact providing a seamless level of client support.

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