Country & Region-Specific Cultural Training Workshops

UK cultural awareness training explores UK culture and business culture and how it differs from elsewhere. The focus is on developing practical skills for communicating, working and doing business with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other business contacts in the UK.

Culturewise’s UK cultural awareness training is available for delivery to in-house groups, or as webinars or one-to-one coaching. Whichever type of UK cultural awareness training you choose it will always be tailored to the specific needs of your business and your people, and the nature of your commercial and professional relationships with the UK.

Successful attendees leave UK cultural awareness training with knowledge for understanding UK culture, business culture, business-etiquette, business practices and business structures, together with practical communication, management and work skills to help get things done with UK business partners, colleagues, clients, customers, and suppliers.

The result is improved working relationships with the UK and fewer cultural barriers to sustainable business success.

Download details of a sample UK cultural awareness training workshop here. This group workshop is also available in a more concise half-day version which covers core content in a more concentrated way.

Or why not download our free white paper on UK culture and business-culture – an ideal resource for anyone new to working in the UK.

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