Working Effectively Across Cultures

In today’s business world the need for organisations, teams and people to work effectively across the boundaries between countries, cultures and business cultures is vital.

‘Working Effectively Across Cultures’ is an interactive training workshop that develops understanding of the impact of culture and cultural differences on international business, and builds practical cross-cultural communication, work and negotiation skills. The workshop includes real‐life case studies and offers opportunities for hands-on practice.

  • What is culture? A framework for understanding the impact of hidden values on the way we work and communicate

  • The impact of culture in the global work environment.

  • Hidden cultural assumptions about business and why they can cause problems.

  • The impact of cultural differences on leadership, communication and work practices, relationship-building, teams and team-working, decision-making and conflict-resolution.

  • Cross-cultural management ‘competence’ and what it looks like in practice.

  • Best practices for effective cross-cultural communication and conflict-resolution.

  • Being persuasive and influential in international meetings, negotiations and presentations.

  • Best practices for leading, managing and participating in international and virtual teams.

  • Building sustainable global relationships

  • Hints, tips, strategies and best practice for working effectively in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

  • Six practical steps to global business effectiveness.

Successful delegates leave ‘Working Effectively Across Cultures’ with a framework for understanding key cultural differences in approaches to global leadership and management, negotiation, work and communication styles, together with practical cross-cultural communication, management and work skills.

The result is improved confidence and competence in working with global business partners, or with colleagues, suppliers and customers from different cultural backgrounds.

‘Working Effectively Across Cultures’ will benefit anyone who needs to work, manage and communicate effectively across cultural and language boundaries in international business

  • expatriate assignees

  • international executives

  • global leaders and managers

  • global negotiators

  • global HR and training professionals.

‘Working Effectively Across Cultures’ is available in the following formats:

  • One-day interactive in-depth group training workshop

  • Half-day concise group training seminar

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Tailored webinars

Costs for ‘Working Effectively Across Cultures’ vary according to training duration and delegate numbers.

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