Managing International and Virtual Teams

Maintaining team cohesiveness, identity, trust and control when team members are distributed across different locations, time zones and cultures can be challenging for even the most experienced of managers and leaders.

‘Managing International and Virtual Teams’ is an interactive training workshop that develops understanding and best practice for managing international teams, as well as practical skills for communicating and managing effectively in the virtual team environment. The workshop includes case studies and opportunities to apply learning to real-life challenges.

  • What’s different about international and virtual teams?

  • The five key factors underpinning international and virtual team success.

  • Know your enemies. Why problems in virtual teams are 90% about people and only 10% technology.

  • Management by ‘influence’ and the other key competencies of successful international and virtual team managers.

  • The PMBI framework underpinning high-performing global teams.

  • Same team, different expectations? The impact of cultural differences on international teams.

  • If you can’t talk about it you can’t manage it. Bridging cultural boundaries in international teams.

  • Dealing with the key practical challenges of remote working. Best practice in virtual team management.

  • One team = one approach. Strategies for aligning virtual team goals, symbols, attitudes and processes.

  • Social presence versus information richness. Choosing the right communication technologies for your team.

  • Dealing with time zone and language differences.

  • Advice, information and suggestions for building your next international or virtual team.

Successful delegates leave ‘Managing International and Virtual Teams’ with an understanding of the key challenges associated with leading and managing international and virtual business teams, together with practical strategies for building trust and aligning team goals, communication practices and work process.

The result is high-performing international and virtual teams, with leaders, managers and team members better equipped to overcome barriers and communicate effectively across cultural, language and other barriers in international business.

‘Managing International and Virtual Teams’ will benefit managers, leaders, advisers and members of international and virtual teams, or anyone in international management or project-management roles or who needs to manage staff across the boundaries between countries and cultures.

‘Managing International and Virtual Teams’ is available in the following formats:

  • One-day interactive in-depth group training workshop

  • Half-day concise group training seminar

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Tailored webinars

Costs for ‘Managing International and Virtual Teams’ vary according to training duration and delegate numbers.

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