Training for International Assignees

Culturewise provides one-to-one and family cultural awareness training for individuals undertaking international assignments.

Training provides practical information, advice, do’s and don’ts to ensure international assignees adapt rapidly and effectively to day-to-day life in their new country, and to new business, professional and work environments.

Assignees will understand key cultural differences that colleagues from their new host location bring into the global work environment, and have the skills to map and describe the impact of these cultural differences in positive and objective ways.

Content includes information, skills and advice for building better business relationships

  • gift-giving

  • business-cards

  • socialising

  • gender

  • appointments

  • schedules and deadlines

  • influencing and decision-making

  • negotiating

  • meetings

  • hierarchies, status and leadership

  • communication styles

  • giving feedback

  • greetings, gestures and body language

  • business dress, and much more.

Attendees benefit from improved awareness of how life in their new host country works, together with practical information and skills to ensure a rapid and effective adaptation to local business and work environments.

The focus is on developing practical skills for communicating, working and doing business with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other business contacts, as well as improved adjustment to day-to-day living.

Training for International Assignments will benefit anyone who is moving to live and work in a new global location, including:

  • expatriate assignees

  • international executives

  • global leaders and managers

  • global negotiators

  • global HR and training professionals.

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Tailored webinars

Costs vary according to training duration and delegate numbers.

Call + 44 (0) 20 7383 3368 for more information.