Cultural Training For Specific Business Sectors

Over the last 16 years Culturewise has provided successful retailer cultural awareness training for businesses as diverse as Harrods, Burberry, New Look, Clarks Shoes, World Duty Free, Monsoon Accessorize, Laura Ashley, Estee Lauder, Debenhams, Kingfisher, The Body Shop, Abercrombie & Fitch, and others. 

Among other services, we specialise in retailer cultural awareness training that builds the ability of point-of-sales employees to overcome cultural barriers and improve sales with international travelling customers from China, Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, Thailand, Nigeria, Korea and elsewhere.

Our point-of-sales training solutions develop understanding of some of the key cultural values and characteristics of customers from different countries and regions, with a particular focus on their communication styles and shopping expectations.

Point-of-sales retailer cultural awareness training explores the implications of cultural differences when communicating and selling to customers from different countries and regions. It develops practical hints, tips and strategies for avoiding cultural misunderstandings and ‘faux pas. Training enables point-of-sales employees to communicate, sell better, and create the right impression with customers from different countries and regions.

Point-of-sales employees leave retailer cultural awareness training with an improved awareness of cultural differences in values, communication styles and shopping practices between their own country and elsewhere, together with practical ‘best practice’ strategies for managing cultural differences and getting better sales outcomes with customers from different countries or regions. For your business that means increased sales, and improved travelling customer retention and satisfaction.

Like our other cross-cultural training, retailer cultural awareness training is designed to be Focussed, Flexible and Practical in approach. Content is tailored to the specific requirements of your retail environment and target customer.

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