Training materials and presentation of a very high standard. I would not suggest changing anything on this course.

Admiral Insurance Group

Probably the best course I have been to. It addressed my particular needs perfectly.

Springer Science+Business Media

Good, thought-provoking course, very well presented.

British Airways

It was a privilege to be taught by your trainer – a very interesting man who had a lot of very valuable information to pass on.


The trainer was great. She picked up on our questions and comments, and didn’t just stick to a script.

Sony Interactive Computer Entertainment

The training is excellent. A good start to go into more specifics on a country by country basis.

BSI Group

Both the trainer and materials were good and allowed space for specific discussions as well as general leanings.

BTG plc

Very informative, easy to understand, and fun.

Clark International Ltd

Great energy, created in an interactive learning environment.

Thomas Cook Airlines

Very interactive course with a very good trainer.

Actavis plc

Trainer was very knowledgeable and good at relating scenarios.


The courses was brilliant. I would have enjoyed more time as it was so interesting.

SPP Pumps

Very good materials help to structure the discussions.

Deutsche Börse AG

This was a great course. Fascinating stuff and well presented.


Important learning – be aware of your own difference to others, not just their differences to you.

Scottish Power

Very informative and efficient. Very well done. Very impressed.


Very good trainer. Great knowledge and experience and use of examples.

Fidelity Investments

Excellent course. Thoroughly enjoyed and feel a lot more confident.

Northern Trust

Good materials, with an informative and engaging trainer.

Merlin Group

Good course. Will take away and share with my team.


Easy to follow with a relaxed and constructive approach. Very useful. Very engaging trainer.

C. & J. Clark International Ltd

Very knowledgeable and interesting. I liked the videos especially.

Domestic & General Group Limited

Exactly right – lots of communication (verbal) supported by the booklet and PowerPoint

Elekta Oncology Scanners

Good blend of written slides and activities. The afternoon emphasized the importance of awareness and adaptability. Thanks for a fun day.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Good trainer, very experienced, brought in a lot of personal anecdotes.

Jo Malone London

Trainer was excellent and had in-depth knowledge of all areas.


Very good trainer who helped us think about communications styles and how to adapt behaviours to different situations.

Perform Group

Colourful, clear and easy to understand. But we needed more biscuits.

Financial Times

Reference book very useful. Extremely knowledgeable instructor, many anecdotes.

Akin Gump

Discussions and examples about many different topics were good and useful.


Good materials, very well presented. It made clear that different cultures have different values which lead to different behaviours. I learnt the importance of communication in the right context.

Lloyds Register

Excellent delivery. Fun, lively and interactive. I really liked the rule / relationship exercise. It captivated everyone and illustrated the point well.

Financial Times

I now understand more about the unspoken cultural impacts on meetings, sales and business – I just think of the cultural iceberg.

Mindshare World

Good presentation and background notes gave an insight into Japanese business culture, and tips for communicating with Japanese partners.

GDF Suez

Very stimulating and much fun course

Christie's Auctions

Very engaging trainer. Helpful slides and handouts. The electronic version is also very useful to pass on to my team.

Guardian News and Media

Material useful. Trainer engaging and flexible.


The business etiquette summaries are especially useful as a snapshot

Lexis Nexis

Excellent. We didn’t really need handouts as the training was so good on its own.

Mann + Hummell

Good materials. The trainer engaged very well with us and generated a lot of interaction.


Very good course presented in a very interesting way.


I have learnt the different cultural considerations when interacting with colleagues from across the globe, and the importance of clear concise communication tailored to the audience.

John Laing

A thoroughly insightful introduction into Swedish business culture. A very useful and productive day.

GKN Aerospace

Very good. The fact that there are many cultural differences between Asia-Pac and the West was very well explained.

GEA Process Engineering

Excellent, the verbal presentation especially so.


Good materials. Very engaging style from trainer.

Mazars LLP

Great blend of video, interactive conversations and group work.

Warner Bros

The trainer was very interactive and allowed time to discuss. She has a lot of background on cultures.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Engaging speaker with a lot of valuable insights and examples.


Excellent. I felt it was very tailored to our needs.

Domestic & General

I have learnt not to ignore the importance of building relationships, especially with non task-oriented cultures. I have also learnt that understanding when a ‘yes’ means ‘yes, and a ‘no’ means ‘no’ is not always immediately obvious. Great for a 4-hour course.


Brilliant course. Thank you!

Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science

Good training materials with very good examples from real-life situations

Astra Zeneca

Very good. Involving, engaging, and obviously very experienced trainer.


Very good. It was a whole day that kept our interest alive. A hands on trainer approach with a helpful case study.

Olympus Keymed

I liked the trainer’s style – mix of presentation and interaction with clear slides and practical exercises


Interesting and informative course with plenty of practical examples to back up theory.


Trainer had great knowledge and experience from the region. Very informative.


Materials good. Trainer excellent.


Great trainer. Good materials. Great atmosphere.


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