Over the last decade and a half Culturewise has provided transport and logistics cultural awareness training for companies as diverse as H&S Aviation, International Airlines Group, Ligentia International, Thomas Cook Airlines, Progress Rail, Seaco Global, Air Safety Support International, Chapman Freeborn, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and many others. 

Among other things transport and logistics cultural awareness training enables individuals and teams to understand the challenges and opportunities presented by cultural differences in the global transport and logistics environment. Transport and logistics cultural awareness training also develops proven techniques for communicating across cultural and linguistic boundaries, and leveraging cultural diversity for the benefit of companies and their stakeholders.

Transport and logistics cultural awareness training creates skills for recognising the cultural challenges associated with working effectively in diverse global businesses. That means more effective international leadership and management; better cross-cultural team-working; and more profitable global commercial connections. Ultimately, that means better bottom-line results and more satisfied clients.

The benefits of transport and logistics cultural awareness training are observed in more effective communication, both within and outside the organisation, but also in other areas such as management, meetings styles, leadership, reward schemes, global retention, and recruitment.

Like our other cross-cultural training, transport and logistics cultural awareness training is designed to be Focussed, Flexible and Practical in approach.

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