Cross-Cultural Communication, Leadership and Management Skills

Culturewise’s international assignee cultural awareness training provides pre-assignment cultural learning solutions for expatriates or secondees that cover every important country and region in the world.

International assignee cultural awareness training can include family members, or simply focus on the needs of an individual. So whether your business requires a 2-hour introduction to business in China over a C-Level breakfast or lunch, or a 2-day, in-depth, pre-assignment family briefing on living and working in India, we can help.

Training is delivered by acknowledged experts on the country or region question. It offers an insider’s view of day-to-day life, and business-culture and practices. Our continually expanding global network ensures we deliver up-to-date and practical content through face-to-face training in the world’s major business centres. Alternatively, virtual cultural training can be delivered anywhere through webinars or telephone conferencing.

International assignee cultural awareness training offer practical benefits including improved confidence in new assignments, quicker cultural adjustment to the new country or region, fewer cultural misunderstandings and faux pas, and fewer failed assignments or early returns.

Our comprehensive pre-briefing, needs-analysis process ensures that your business’s specific requirements are fully covered. Content often includes the following: –

Useful and relevant background information on a country or region including geography, topography and history, as well as information about politics, business and commerce, media and broadcasting, and local languages.

Information about society, including the current political situation, the legal system, important religious influences, regional differences, social and community life. Content also looks at ethnic minorities, gender issues, the local education system, local heroes and myths, and general attitudes towards life and work.

International assignee cultural awareness training includes information on local traditions and customs, communication styles (including things like greetings, gestures and levels of formality). Information about holidays and festivals, taboos and gift-giving can also be explored.

Content around daily life can be covered in depth. This includes information on shopping, entertaining, food and eating out, getting around, climate, healthcare, housing and security.

Business information can be covered in depth. This includes business etiquette, business relationships, approaches to work, approaches to leadership and teams, management styles, formal and informal meetings, discussions, negotiations and presentations, amongst other things.

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