Cultural differences do not, in themselves, make life difficult for people living and working across cultural and language boundaries. But cultural differences can cause difficulty in international business if leaders, managers or team-members fail to recognise, understand, and respond appropriately.


We never work from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. The training we deliver is focussed on the background, experiences and requirements of the client in question. So our bespoke solutions always respond directly to specific client needs.

What’s more, we guarantee a flawless rollout of global training solutions through our network of facilitators and trainers.  Across the world, we provide dependable training outcomes designed for local cultural expectations.


Our cultural awareness training solutions draw on a robust and proven resource of methodology, techniques and content. This includes unique cultural frameworks and models. The result is maximum real-world impact.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability in learning delivery options. So, whether your need is for face-to-face group training. Or executive coaching. Or online solutions. We can help.


Developing understanding of different cultural assumptions, expectations and ways of working can be an enriching personal and professional experience. That is why our cultural awareness training solutions have a practical emphasis on identifying and implementing realistic solutions to real, current and potential cultural challenges.

Delegates benefit from improved awareness of the impact of cultural differences on their work and business, together with practical techniques and skills for improved cross-cultural communication, working, management and leadership.

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