Cultural awareness coaching solutions are designed to guide and support global executives, managers and leaders in developing cross-cultural management and communication skills, whether on overseas assignment, managing global colleagues, or leading international teams.

cultural awareness coaching

Culturewise’s cultural awareness coaching builds cross-cultural leadership and management skills for global executives. In cross-cultural coaching learning objectives often relate to strategic international business initiatives, or key priorities in managing international reports or clients.

Programmes generally commence with a structured series of face-to-face or online sessions, supported where necessary by ad-hoc phone or confidential online support.

Whatever type of executive coaching requirement business executives, leaders and managers have, our coaches work hard to provide input that is consistently focused on the specific background, experiences and requirements of the individual in question.

Our approach to coaching is flexible in methodology and content. For example, senior executives often benefit most from a facilitated opportunities to explore current issues in their global management role. Newer executives can benefit most from a case study based approach to identify potential cultural challenges in new roles.

All the cultural awareness coaching we provide has a practical emphasis on identifying realistic solutions to real, current and potential cultural and virtual work challenges.

Download a sample cultural awareness coaching  programme outline here.

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