Working Effectively with the UK

‘UK cultural awareness training’ explores UK culture and business culture and examines how it differs from elsewhere.

The focus is on building practical skills for communicating, working, negotiating and doing business with UK colleagues, suppliers, customers and other business contacts.

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  • Introduction and objectives. Cultural awareness – what it is and why it is important.

  • Where are we now? Identifying perceptions about how we currently manage cultural differences with UK customers.

  • Self-assessment activity to raise delegate awareness of some of their own cultural values, expectations and approaches, and how these may differ from UK customers.

  • Stereotypes of the UK and what’s wrong with them.

  • Core cultural values in the UK and how they differ from elsewhere.

  • Key themes in UK culture and business culture.

  • UK communication styles

    • Expectations regarding the use of first names and surnames; the style of language appropriate for e-mails and calls; humour; how feedback is given; and the importance of clarity when discussing difficult or challenging tasks.

    • How to be persuasive and influential when working with UK customers.

  • UK working styles

    • How to deal with conflict and negotiate effectively.

  • UK attitudes towards time, deadlines and schedules.

  • Relationship-building and working with UK colleagues and teams.

  • ‘What would you do if…?’  Applying best-practice to real-life cross-cultural communication challenges.

  • Bringing it all together – action-planning to transfer cross-cultural skills to the work environment.

Successful delegates leave ‘UK cultural awareness training’ with hints, tips and strategies for understanding Chinese culture, business culture, business-etiquette, business practices and business structures

Delegates learn practical communication, management and work skills to help get things done with UK business partners, colleagues, clients, customers, and suppliers.

The result is improved working relationships with UK and fewer cultural barriers to sustainable business success.

‘UK cultural awareness training’ will benefit anyone with face-to-face or virtual contact with China including:

  • expatriate assignees

  • international executives

  • global managers

  • export and import staff

  • negotiators

  • global HR and training professionals.

‘UK cultural awareness training’ is available in the following formats:

  • One-day interactive in-depth group training workshop

  • Half-day concise group training seminar

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Tailored webinars

Costs for ‘UK cultural awareness training’ vary according to training duration and delegate numbers.

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