China Cultural Awareness Training

As more businesses take advantage of the huge opportunities in China different cultural and business norms are often of concern.

‘Doing Business With China: Understanding Chinese Business Culture’ is a one-day, interactive training workshop that explores Chinese culture and business culture and examines how it differs from Europe.

The focus is on building practical skills for communicating, working, negotiating and doing business with Chinese colleagues, suppliers, customers and other business contacts.

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  • Land of contrasts. Understanding Chinese economic, regional, political and social diversity.

  • Chinese culture, Confucianism and the emerging values of ‘new’ China.

  • Corruption in China and the legacy of the recent past.

  • Made in China. Chinese views of the world and China’s relationship with other countries.

  • Chinese models of leadership and management, and how they differ from the West.

  • Guanxi and its impact in business and commerce.

  • Chinese attitudes to time, deadlines and schedules and how to work with them.


  • Hints, tips and strategies for building influential business networks and sustainable commercial relationships.

  • Face and Harmony. Practical techniques for communicating, giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict and delivering bad news.

  • How to be influential in meetings, negotiations and decision-making.

  • Dealing with the government or state companies. What works and what doesn’t.

  • Advice, information and suggestions for your next negotiation or business trip to China.

Successful delegates leave ‘Doing Business With China: Understanding Chinese Business Culture’ with hints, tips and strategies for understanding Chinese culture, business culture, business-etiquette, business practices and business structures

Delegates learn practical communication, management and work skills to help get things done with Chinese business partners, colleagues, clients, customers, and suppliers.

The result is improved working relationships with China and fewer cultural barriers to sustainable business success.

‘Doing Business With China: Understanding Chinese Business Culture’ will benefit anyone with face-to-face or virtual contact with China including:

  • expatriate assignees

  • international executives

  • global managers

  • export and import staff

  • negotiators

  • global HR and training professionals.

‘Doing Business With China: Understanding Chinese Business Culture’ is available in the following formats:

  • One-day interactive in-depth group training workshop

  • Half-day concise group training seminar

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Tailored webinars

Costs for ‘Doing Business With China: Understanding Chinese Business Culture’ vary according to training duration and delegate numbers.

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