Country & Region-Specific Cultural Training Workshops

Culturewise’s Africa cultural awareness training includes seminars, briefings and workshops on every major African country, including Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Angola, Kenya and Mozambique.

Africa cultural awareness training explores cultural differences that impact on the way business is conducted and people managed in different African countries. It moves beyond stereotypes to provide useful, relevant and up-to-date information and advice for those new to working in Africa, or those who need to know more about a particular country or countries.

Africa cultural awareness training develops an understanding of the cultural characteristics of each country, together with practical hints, tips strategies and techniques for building sustainable business relationships and working effectively with local colleagues and business contacts.

Content includes information, skills and advice for building better business relationships; gift-giving; business-cards; socialising; gender; appointments, schedules and deadlines; influencing and decision-making; negotiating; meetings; hierarchies, status and leadership; communication styles; giving feedback; greetings, gestures and body language; business dress, and much more.

Like our other cross-cultural courses, Africa cultural awareness training  is designed to be Focussed, Flexible and Practical in approach.

Attendees benefit from improved awareness of how life in each country works, together with practical information and skills to ensure a rapid and effective adaptation to local business and work environments.

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