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Cross-Cultural Communication, Leadership and Management Skills

In today’s global business environment the need for organisations, teams and individuals to demonstrate skills in working effectively across cultures is essential. 

Culturewise’s working effectively across cultures training workshops benefit individuals, teams and organisations with a need to get things done productively in any international environment.

Training develops a wide range of cross-cultural work skills including effective global persuading, influencing and negotiating; effective global conflict resolution; cross-cultural leadership and management; effective cross-border communication; managing and motivating staff in different countries, and much more.

Working effectively across cultures training builds the capability of individuals and teams across a business to respond effectively to the cultural expectations of international customers and clients, and to manage colleagues, teams and suppliers in different countries and cultures.

Leaders, managers and teams will benefit from improved skills in anticipating and managing cultural issues on offshoring and outsourcing projects, mergers and acquisitions, international joint ventures, international expansion or partnership engagement projects. They will also build skills to perform more effectively during short, medium or long term international assignments.

For your business that means better performing cross-border partnerships and commercial relationships, as well as fewer cultural faux pas and misunderstandingss.

Download details of our one-day Working Effectively Across Cultures training workshop here. The workshop includes real‐life case studies and offers opportunities for hands-on practice. This workshop is also available in a more concise half-day version which covers core content in a more concentrated way.

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