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Cultural Training For Specific Business Sectors

Since 2001 Culturewise has provided education sector cultural awareness training for teaching and research organisations as diverse as the the British Council, TSL Education, the Open University, Regents University, Cambridge University Press, Queen Mary’s University, De Montfort University, and the Universities of Edinburgh, Sunderland, Lancaster, Nottingham, Coventry, Newcastle, Westminster, London, Bournemouth, and Southampton.

Among other things, education sector cultural awareness training enables academic and support staff to understand key cultural differences that colleagues and students from different backgrounds bring into the education environment, and to map and describe the impact of these cultural differences in positive and objective ways. This means they are able to understand more about their own cultural work and communication styles and how these may be perceived by colleagues and students from different cultural backgrounds.

Employees and academics attending our wide range of education sector cultural awareness training solutions benefit from the ability to minimise cultural misunderstandings and faux pas; manage conflict more effectively; build more productive international and interpersonal relationships; and maximise the potential value of international team-working. As a result they build clear strategies, techniques and practices to communicate and work more effectively across cultural barriers in education and research.

The benefits of education sector cultural awareness training are observed in more effective communication, both within and outside the organisation, but also in other areas such as student recruitment and retention, student satisfaction levels, and reputational enhancements.

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