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Tailor-made, cross-cultural and cultural awareness training solutions can be delivered at your offices in any major global business location. In fact, over 90% of our training courses are tailor-made for clients.

Bespoke in-house training develops up-to-date knowledge of the impact of cultural differences in international business, or on specific countries and regions, together with proven skills and techniques for working and communicating effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

No matter the scale or complexity of your needs, our training design and delivery team works with you to understand your requirements and provide a bespoke training or coaching solution focused on clear and measurable return on investment.

One-day, open cultural awareness training workshops at our London training centre.

Priced at just £395 + VAT per delegate, our open cultural training courses accommodate a maximum of 15 delegates to ensure interactivity and personal attention.

All the workshops are designed to be both practical and cost-effective, and are suitable for delegates from a wide range of different business sectors, professions, or work roles.

Bespoke cross-cultural coaching solutions designed to guide and support global executives, managers and leaders in developing cross-cultural management and communication skills, whether on overseas assignment, managing global colleagues, or leading international teams.

Coaching is personally-tailored and focuses on the individual’s specific developmental objectives. In cross-cultural coaching these objectives often relate to strategic international business initiatives, or key priorities in managing international staff or relationships.

Programmes generally commence with a structured series of 90-minute face-to-face sessions, supported where necessary by ad-hoc phone or confidential online support.

Online webinars, tailored to the needs of your company and business sector, offer a highly cost-effective method for delivering key cultural awareness information and advice.

Ranging from 30 minutes to 2-hours, webinars build skills for communicating effectively and building productive relationships with international colleagues, business partners, suppliers and customers.

Culturewise’s Doing Business with China On-Line Course comprises a series of seven, 1-hour self-study modules that develop awareness and understanding of key elements of Chinese business culture, business structures, business traditions and business etiquette.

The modules are packed with hints, tips and practical strategies to enable you to build more productive commercial relationships in China, or with Chinese business contacts.

The full Doing Business in China On-Line Course is available now through Udemy.com – the world’s leading resource for online courses.

Written business culture briefings are packed with useful, practical and up-to-date information on international cultures and business-cultures.

Content includes tips on building better business relationships; gifts; business-cards; socialising; gender; appointments, schedules and deadlines; influencing and decision-making; negotiating; meetings; hierarchies, status and leadership; communication styles; giving feedback; greetings, gestures and body language; business dress, and much more.

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“The trainer was brilliant. He was very engaging, kept things interactive, was vibrant, and kept things light-hearted for such a serious subject.”
Learning and Development Manager, Specsavers

Who we are

Culturewise has a 14 year track record of success delivering high-impact cross-cultural training and coaching for clients from every major business sector.

Our cross-cultural training courses have enabled thousands of leaders, managers and executives to work more effectively across the boundaries between countries and cultures, so adding measurable bottom-line business benefits.

  • Absolute specialisation in cross-cultural training
  • Wide variety of learning formats
  • Highly qualified cultural trainers, coaches and facilitators
  • Thought-leaders in cultural awareness and intercultural training
  • Cross-cultural training associates located in every major global business location
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What we do

Culturewise provides an unrivalled range of cross-cultural training and coaching solutions that build cultural awareness, understanding and skills to enable organisations, teams, and people, to work more effectively across the boundaries between countries and cultures.

Our customers include many of world’s most successful global businesses operating in a wide range of business sectors, including financial services, law and professional services, advertising, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

  • Cultural awareness training and coaching
  • Country and region-specific cultural briefings
  • High-performance global teams training
  • Business effectiveness workshops for China, India, Russia, and around the world
  • In-house, online and open cross-cultural training delivery

Working with Clients from every major business sector

The benefits our training solutions offer

  • Develop proven skills for managing, working and communicating effectively in global business
  • Improve confidence in working with partners, colleagues, suppliers and customers from around the world
  • Acquire up-to-date knowledge of the impact of cultural differences in international business
  • Avoid cultural mistakes and misunderstandings that damage global business relationships
  • Manage off-shore working partnerships more productively and effectively
  • Build better performance in global virtual teams
  • Lead and manage colleagues from different countries and cultures

How our clients rate us*

Training designed around our needs – 84% agree
Up-to-date content with clear outcomes – 95% agree
Experienced trainers and facilitators – 92% agree
Clear, practical and useful take aways – 90% agree
Interactive delivery style – 94% agree
Relevant to real life business issues – 88% agree

* Average post-course evaluation feedback scores Dec 2012 to December 2014

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News and Updates From Our Training Team

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Free cross-cultural training white-papers, activities, exercises and resources.

Doing Business in China cultural awareness trainingOur free ‘Doing Business with China’ workbook develops awareness and understanding of key elements of Chinese business culture, business traditions and business etiquette.

The workbook is packed with hints, tips and practical strategies to enable you to build more productive commercial relationships, and to work more effectively, with customers, colleagues and other business contacts in China.

Please note – this is the free version of the workbook for our online video learning programme on China. The workbook refers to videos which are only available in the full course which can be purchased for $39 at Udemy – Your place to learn real world skills online.

The workbook will perform effectively without access to the video components.

Download your free China course here.

WEAC picDownload this free 63-page eBook by Culturewise’s training team. The eBook explores what cultural awareness is, and why it is a vitally important capability for individuals, teams and organisations working globally.

‘Understanding Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills’ is a useful and insightful introduction for anyone who needs to know more about how to work globally, and introduces many of the themes and ideas covered in cross-cultural training and cultural awareness courses.

Download your free 64-page Understanding Cultural Awareness Ebook

Our free ‘Intercultural Training Exercise Pack’ offers easy-to-use intercultural and cultural awareness learning activities that can add a useful additional element to any in-house training courses you run, including management development programmes.

This free activity pack contains 15 cultural awareness training activities or exercises designed for this type of use in a variety of different training programmes, and which provides a ready-made source of suitable cross-cultural and cultural awareness training activities.

Feel free to download an use any of these activities in your training programmes completely free of charge.

Download cultural awareness – training exercise pack

shutterstock_139999288 licensed January 2015Business visitors to the UK may well need to set aside more than a few stereotypes in order to do business effectively with the country’s hugely diverse workforce. For example, modern Britain is no more class-bound than any other society in contemporary Europe or North America, and the British are some of the least ‘cold’ or standoffish people to do business with in the world.

This free white-paper, available for download now, looks in depth at at UK culture and business culture and explores how to work effectively in the UK business environment. Designed for people new to the UK and the UK work environment, the white-paper explores in depth many of the the issues covered in ‘Working with the UK’ culture awareness training courses provided by Culturewise.

Download Background Briefing on UK Culture and Business Culture

Cultural Awareness Training for Brazil

Free business-culture briefing on Brazil

The largest country in South America in economic output, population and area, Brazilian culture draws on a unique fusion of European, African and indigenous influences.

First inhabited by indigenous tribes over 8,000 years ago, Brazil became a Portuguese colony in the 16th century. European immigrants and African slaves intermarried with the indigenous peoples to a greater extent than in neighbouring countries. The result is a society that is diverse, resolutely South-American, yet also distinct in many important ways from its ‘Latino’ Spanish-speaking neighbours.

This free business-culture briefing on Brazil provides a free 17-page overview of the cultural background to business in Brazil.

Download Free Business-Culture Briefing on Brazil here

Doing Business in India TrainingCulturewise’s free business-culture briefing on India is packed with useful, practical and up-to-date information on India culture and business-culture.

The briefing provides an in-depth and nuanced look at Indian business-culture, with content including hints, tips on building better business relationships; gifts; business-cards; socialising; gender; appointments, schedules and deadlines; influencing and decision-making; negotiating; meetings; hierarchies, status and leadership; communication styles; giving feedback; greetings, gestures and body language; business dress, and much more.

The briefing offers a practical resource to help anyone who works with India, whether face-to-face or in international teams, to understand more about Indian colleagues, partners or customers, and about some of the cultural barriers they may face when getting things done in India or with Indian business contacts.

Download Free Business-Culture Briefing on India